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Lacorde Statement XLR

The flagship product Lacorde Statement XLR sets the ultimate benchmark for interconnect cables.

After a research time of over 10 years with thousands of listening hours of countless carefully evaluated variations and combinations of different conductor materials, conductor alloy materials, dielectric isolation materials, specific geometries, specific resonance control devices, cable treatments (cryogenic processing, heat processing, …), connectors, connection methods, … we developed our world wide unique benchmark cable series Lacorde Statement which we think is the best you will ever hear!

Our top notch supreme reference cables of the Lacorde Statement series provides staggering, unprecedented levels of performance in any aspects and have the ability to connect you to the real recording place like no other cable in the world.

These new heights of realistic listening experiences are only possible through our own proprietary technologies which are explained below. Of course we also developed additional technologies on which all our cables of the Lacorde Statement series are based. Only to name a few: The ideal conductor geometry, The ideal conductor dielectric, The prevention of electrostatic charging and the effects hereby, the ideal connector types, the ideal contact between the connector part and the conductor, …

One thing is without any doubt:
The most coherent and natural cables could only be developed and produced by a company that developed and produce the most coherent and natural loudspeaker - the Göbel Carbon Excellence Bending Wave loudspeaker!