ESOTERIC DV60 - Pre owned

ESOTERIC DV60 - Pre owned

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For sale CD/SACD player Esoteric DV60 .

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New Product Information



Audio Video Multi-Channel Player







  System enhancements to the Esoteric® DV-50S have created the “DV-60”  



  • CD /SACD / DVD-V / DVD- A / VCD and SVCD compatible
  • Newly designed, engineered and manufactured transport drive mechanism
  • Video up-conversion to 1080p, user selectable
  • Word clock/Word sync input
  • Audio up-conversion, user selectable (Esoteric FIR + RDOT), native DSD and PCM to DSD
  • Remote power on/off, remote power standby
  • 12V rear panel remote control trigger
  • RS232C and standby/on through RS232C
  • Component video output and HDMI audio/video output
  • Illuminated remote control
  • Digital coax, optical, and analog multi-channel audio outputs
  • Dedicated, high quality 2 channel balanced and un-balanced audio outputs
  • 216 MHz, 14 bit video processing
  • Disc play area selectable from remote control and front panel
  • Aluminum and steel isolation plating
  • Proprietary horizontal sled and vertical pick-up / optical assembly, (Eliminates off axis vertical tracking and the corresponding need for off axis error correction).
  • Engraved Esoteric logo
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan
  • MSRP: $5600.00





DV-60 Product Detail:


The Esoteric® DV-60 universal SACD/CD/DVD player is a high performance addition to the Esoteric® audio / video product line





The DV-60 shares the basic functionality of the Esoteric DV-50S, i.e. high quality 2 channel dedicated analog audio outputs (balanced and unbalanced), backed by a high-precision 24-bit digital to analog converter, unique up-conversion technology and mulch-channel analog audio outputs (to support surround sound videos, multi-channel SACD and DVD audio information).


Combined with these well-established features, the DV-60 adds the following new features and technologies suitable for audiophile and videophile applications, in addition to those required for custom home theater.


  • Esoteric® proprietary transport and drive mechanism (with highly rigid metal isolation for superior anti-vibration and anti-resonance properties).
  • Updated D/A converter (with “FIR and RDOT + FIR” digital filter algorithms for audio signal up-conversion, native DSD mode and PCM to DSD signal conversion)
  • 14 bit video processing using Analog Devices ADV7324 with NSV (Noise shaping video), plus Faroudja’s I/P conversion processor chip with DCDi technology.
  • HDMI output terminal with video up-conversion pass through up to 1080p – (Using the latest LSI chipset ABT1018 from Anchor Bay Technologies).
  • Word synchronization function (Word clock input / BNC terminal x 1)
  • Highly evolved home installation solutions for external control function (RS232C with standby option, 12V DC trigger – rear panel remote control input terminal).
  • Highly rigid chassis construction with cut aluminum top and side panels (Including an engraved “ESOTERIC” logo on the top).
  • Slim remote control with illuminated keys for easier operation in low light or no light environments such as home theater.


DV-60 Technical Specifications:


  • Playable disc formats: CD/SACD/DVD-V/DVD-A/VCD/SVCD
  • Analog audio output terminals: 2 ch RCA output / multi-channel RCA output
  • Digital audio output terminals: COAXIAL/TOS (Signal format variation: “Stream” or “PCM” can be selected in SETUP mode operation)
  • Video output: composite / S terminal / component terminals / D terminals /HDMI connector (including audio signal).


Up-conversion function:


  • FIR: 8x

o Fs=44/48Hz x 8 = 24bit 8x (=352/384Hz)

o Fs=88/96Hz x 8 = 24bit 16x (=704/768Hz)

o Fs=176/192Hz x 8 = 24bit 32x (=1408/1536Hz)

  • RDOT+FIR (24bit-32x)
  • DSD (1bit-64x)


Þ SACD DSD signals are directly output without up-conversion.

Þ Digital signals are output in their original Fs.


HDMI output terminal:


  • Expanded mode HDMI output
  • Video scaling function: 480p/720p/1080i/1080p
  • Audio output: Stream signal output / 2ch PCM (DOWNMIX) signal output

/Multi-channel. PCM signal output

  • HDMI terminal does not output DSD audio signals.


Word sync:


  • Input BNC 75ohm coax cable


RS232C Remote control (with Standby/On mode)